Colorado Springs Taekwondo

Taekwondo has been called the ultimate self-defense martial art, promoting the improved formation of one’s character while teaching the importance of both physical and mental conditioning. By building up self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline in the friendly yet competitive atmosphere of this amazing art form, students train, aspire and persevere together, pushing each other to reach their full potential.self defense for children

Students at Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo (or A.L.L. TKD) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are required to show competency in several areas of competence in order to advance to the next belt. These areas include Leadership, Korean Terminology, Community Service, Core Curriculum and Weapons.

So why should you choose Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo for you and for your family? Kids love to kick and punch while we get to reinforce the valuable life skills like Focus, Discipline, Respect, & Confidence. Our adults enjoy the Fitness, Self Defense, Camaraderie, and especially the Family Time. This is one of the few activities that parents and kids can train together and yet accomplish different goals.

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