Little Dragons Creed:

Little Dragons

I’m a Little Dragon,
I try my best to have fun,
Work hard,
And rise above the rest!

Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo’s Little Dragons program is specially designed to meet the unique learning needs of kids ages 3-7 years old. By harnessing their endless enthusiasm and energy, we teach them the beginnings of martial arts skills like kicking and punching while instilling valuable life skills such as focus, respect and confidence. Our energetic team of dedicated instructors nurture the up and coming young athletes as they grow in their new skills, earning rewards along the way that they can look forward to and be excited about.

Making New Friendschildren's self defense

You will love watching your little ones as they play games, make new friends, and show their natural excitement so be sure to bring your camera and snap away!

For more information on how we can provide great benefit for your children, please see our Mission Statement goals and values for our core principles.

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For more information, or to get your Little Dragon started on an adventure of fun and excitement, call us today at 260-4700 or fill out our quick contact form and we will call you within 24 hours.

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