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Our Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons program at A.L.L. TKD focuses on

Tiny Tigers: Ages 3 – 4

Little Dragons: Ages 5 – 7

Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo’s Tiny Tiger and Little Dragons program is specially designed to meet the unique learning needs of kids ages 3-7 years old.

By harnessing their endless enthusiasm and energy, we teach them the beginnings of martial arts skills like kicking and punching while instilling valuable life skills such as focus, respect and confidence.

Our energetic team of dedicated instructors nurture the up and coming young athletes as they grow in their new skills, earning rewards along the way that they can look forward to and be excited about.

Tiny Tigers


Games that develop physical coordination, spatial awareness, and strength as well as martial arts skills.


  • Following directions
  • Taking turns
  • Working with a team
  • Ignoring distractions


  • Answering with “Yes, sir!” or “Yes, ma’am!”
  • Demonstrating a “can do” attitude
  • Facing fears such as trying new things or meeting new people

Little Dragons


Learn to focus your body to develop Balance, Coordination and Control.

Develop Fitness skills and routines focused on core, arms, and legs.


  • Learn to Focus your mind on the teacher and activity.
  • Develop good Memory by following 3-step (and beyond!) directions accurately.


  • Demonstrate Discipline and Leadership by following directions after only being told once
  • Show CONTROL of the mind to work through during difficult tasks.

SOCIAL Skills:

  • Develop good TEAMWORK
  • Show CONTROL by not interrupting, such as raising your hand when someone else is speaking.
  • Learn the FOCUS to sit still when appropriate.

For more information, or to get your Little Dragon started on an adventure of fun and excitement, call us today at 260-4700 or fill out our quick contact form and we will call you within 24 hours.


Kid Program

Our Kid program at A.L.L. TKD focuses on

Youth Program Ages 8 – 12

The Kid program at Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo is specially designed for kids ages 8-12.


Our kids have more distractions around them than ever before. Teaching them to focus in on what is important in the moment is an essential part of our curriculum and helps kids not only in the gym, but in school, homework, chores, and anything else they are faced with.

Confidence and Respect

Whether they are in school, out with friends, with their parents, or on their own, kids need to be able to speak confidently and make their voices heard in a way that allows them to meet their needs, while still maintaining respect for those around them.

Our athletes are taught anti-bullying strategies that start with keeping their distance and using their voices, ensuring they have the tools they need to deal with any challenging situation.


There are many things that pull at a child’s time and attention, and these challenges only get stronger as they get older. Encouraging kids to “keep the main thing, the main thing” helps them learn to prioritize their time and energy. As they see their goals move closer every day, kids begin to understand the value of finishing what they started. And you as a parent will see a change in your child that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Kids have a blast learning to kick and punch, and we have the unique opportunity to reinforce the life skills that you are already teaching at home!

For more information on how we can provide great benefit for your children, please see our Mission Statement goals and values for our core principles.

Call us now at 719-260-4700 or fill in the form at the right and let’s start benefiting your child today.


Self Defense For Teens

  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Leadership

Teenagers play a unique role at Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo. Our teenagers are taught all the classic taekwondo curriculum, helping them with strength, balance, power and health, as well as exercises that help them with focus and confidence.

Where our teens really shine, however, is in their leadership and respect skills. From the time teens step foot on the mat, they are encouraged to look their instructors in the eye and show them the respect due to their rank and position. Some teens struggle with this in the beginning, however within a couple of weeks, they are responding as strongly as their peers.

With Growth Comes Leadership

As they grow in the program, teens have the opportunity to be given leadership positions allowing them to test their newfound strengths and work out their innate challenges in a safe, supportive environment. These opportunities, along with the option to hang out with other solid teens during teen nights, leadership camps, costume parties, etc. give them the confidence to make good decisions when they are at school, work or out with other friends.

For more information on how we can provide great benefit for your children, please see our Mission Statement goals and values for our core principles.

Call us now at 719-260-4700 or fill in the form at the right and we will contact you within 48 hours.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Self Defense & Discipline
  • Summer Camps
  • Gymnastics


Self defense training in Colorado Springs for adults & families!

  • Fitness
  • Camaraderie
  • Family Time
  • Self-Defense

At A.L.L. TKD, we love families and believe that the family that kicks together, sticks together. That’s why we’ve made it easy for adults to train with their kids, or on their own. In our program, once you’re paying for two people in your family, everyone else trains free. That’s right. Free. We know the importance of families being together and doing activities together and we want to encourage parents to train with their teens and kids.

For our focus on kids and teen training, click here.

Our adults program at A.L.L. TKD focuses on


Tired of going to the gym? Tired of running to nowhere on the treadmill, or spinning as hard as you can on the stationary bike just to see the same view all the time? Are you weary of lifting the same old weights, hoping that they will start to change the way you look? Why not try a different approach? Martial arts training gets your body in amazing shape, especially considering how much leg power taekwondo uses. Your endurance, balance, strength, power and overall levels of fitness will skyrocket as you make your way through the belts, getting you in shape in no time!

Camaraderie and Family Time

A.L.L. TKD delights in giving families and adults fun and rewarding activities to do together or separately. Our kids night in lets children play to their hearts’ content, under the watch of several of our instructors and coaches, allowing you to go out for a night on the town. But don’t feel too left out! Ladies’ nights and parents’ nights allow adults to talk to each other like, well, adults, and family activities such as Skate City, picnics in the park, Harvest Festival and our Christmas party let families get together and relax, play and have a great time.


Self- Defense is one of the primary reasons that adults, especially women, want to join martial arts. Our real-world self-defense program is integrated into our curriculum and includes techniques to help you in any situation. These include learning to keep your distance and use your voice, learning to break any grip, and learning multiple different combinations of movements that give you lots of options should you ever need to use them. These techniques are taught in a safe and supportive environment and are never scary or harmful. They will, however, give you the tools you need to keep you and your family safe. 

Call us now at 719-260-4700 or fill in the form at the right today.


Confidence & Leadership Camps

June or July 

Join Olympian Barb Kunkel for a full week of Confidence and Leadership building like you won’t find anywhere else!

Kids Confidence Camp

Confidence Camp is designed for children 4-12. Kids are out of school, so instead of sending them somewhere or calling a babysitter, let them spend the week gaining Leadership & Confidence! This camp is for new beginners through the advanced levels. There is NO Martial Arts Experience Necessary.

Our Taekwondo Camp provides many key opportunities for youth. Each day is themed with a new valuable life skill activity to help our youth with confidence and leadership.

Campers will make new and lasting friendships. They will enjoy having fun at Taekwondo, playing games, make creative dream, goal-oriented crafts, and have a blast at the game created to teach how to speak, read and write Korean.

Parents, if you want to help your child have fun, improve their confidence in many areas of life, so they don’t follow peer pressure but lead, plus get ahead with their tkd, then this is the camp for them!

Teen / Adult Leadership Camp

Leadership = Goal Setting, Friendships & Teamwork, Communication & Leading people (younger, peers, and older,) How to be a leader and not a follower, How to land, or get promoted at that job, How to find win-win situations even in the challenges, Practical Hands on Experience, and the ability to try new things, are examples of what makes this an all-around awesome camp & experience. Develop the leadership skills needed at home, in school, in the job market, and in the community.

Don’t miss out on this fun, learning opportunity. Sign up NOW as space is limited.


The goal of the ALL TKD’s Instructor program is to enhance the skills and qualities of our students in effective communication and leadership, which they may utilize beyond their taekwondo school environment. Of course, the skills, techniques and proper teaching procedures specific to teaching martial arts are studied and practiced in the program as well. However, regardless of future career direction, this program will have a lasting value to all those who participate.

Positive comments consistently come in from parents and students about the wonderful staff we have. Master Kunkel says, “we have had great success in this area because we have been blessed by starting out with quality people who are highly motivated and enthusiastic. We then offer them vigorous, intensive, continuous training designed to help make them become the best teachers, the best martial artists, and the best human beings they can be.”

ALL TKD staff knows the importance of the student/instructor relationship. It has to be one of trust, loyalty, and respect so that the students may get the most of their training. It is crucial that instructors understand how to develop students’ full potential as they progress. We believe great martial art instructors care about each and every student.

Give us a call now at 719-260-4700 to talk to an instructor about your training needs.


We Do Birthday Parties!

Have a birthday coming up? Want to something really special for your child this year? Something that he or she will remember for ever?

Have your birthday party at Academy Life & Leadership Taekwondo !!

Cut The Birthday Cake With A Sword!

Let A.L.L. TKD take care of the set up, balloons, games, food, cake and clean up! Your child will be paraded around the dojang like a King or Queen by our instructors and they’ll get to cut their birthday cake with a sword.

They also get to pick from a variety of games to play at their party! Invite all of their friends and make this a celebration like no other.

Give them a party they’ll remember!

Call 260-4700 to reserve your date now!



  • Everything from the Silver and Bronze Packages Plus
  • Package for up to 30 Kids ($21 for each additional child)
  • Custom TKD birthday cake
  • Food and Drinks for all guests
  • Invitations
  • Thank you cards
  • Special T-Shirt
  • Cake cutting sword as special gift


  • 2 Hours of FUN
  • Everything from the Bronze Package Plus
  • Package for up to 20 Kids ($18 for each additional child)
  • Break a board and have it signed by your friends AND and Olympian
  • Themed party
  • Birthday party decorations
  • Helium balloons for kids to take home
  • All paper products
  • Custom goodie bags
  • Prize wheel


  • 1 ½ hours of FUN
  • Package for up to 10 Kids ($13 for each additional child)
  • TKD Master for the day B-Day boy/girl
  • Cut your cake with a sword
  • Carried around like King/Queen
  • Basic goodies bags
  • One future free TKD class coupon per guest
  • Party games
  • Party Host




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