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Self defense training in Colorado Springs for adults & families!

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At A.L.L. TKD, we love families and believe that the family that kicks together, sticks together. That’s why we’ve made it easy for adults to train with their kids, or on their own. In our program, once you’re paying for two people in your family, everyone else trains free. That’s right. Free. We know the importance of families being together and doing activities together and we want to encourage parents to train with their teens and kids. 

For our focus on kids and teen training, click here.

Our adults program at A.L.L. TKD focuses on  Fitness

Tired of going to the gym? Tired of running to nowhere on the treadmill, or spinning as hard as you can on the stationary bike just to see the same view all the time? Are you weary of lifting the same old weights, hoping that they will start to change the way you look? Why not try a different approach? Martial arts training gets your body in amazing shape, especially considering how much leg power taekwondo uses. Your endurance, balance, strength, power and overall levels of fitness will skyrocket as you make your way through the belts, getting you in shape in no time!

Camaraderie and Family Time

A.L.L. TKD delights in giving families and adults fun and rewarding activities to do together or separately. Our kids night in lets children play to their hearts’ content, under the watch of several of our instructors and coaches, allowing you to go out for a night on the town. But don’t feel too left out! Ladies’ nights and parents’ nights allow adults to talk to each other like, well, adults, and family activities such as Skate City, picnics in the park, Harvest Festival and our Christmas party let families get together and relax, play and have a great time.


Self- Defense is one of the primary reasons that adults, especially women, want to join martial arts. Our real-world self-defense program is integrated into our curriculum and includes techniques to help you in any situation. These include learning to keep your distance and use your voice, learning to break any grip, and learning multiple different combinations of movements that give you lots of options should you ever need to use them. These techniques are taught in a safe and supportive environment and are never scary or harmful. They will, however, give you the tools you need to keep you and your family safe.

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