Instructor Training

Instructor Training

The goal of the ALL TKD’s Instructor program is to enhance the skills and qualities of our students in effective communication and leadership, which they may utilize beyond their taekwondo school environment. Of course, the skills, techniques and proper teaching procedures specific to teaching martial arts are studied and practiced in the program as well. However, regardless of future career direction, this program will have a lasting value to all those who participate.

Positive comments consistently come in from parents and students about the wonderful staff we have. Master Kunkel says, “we have had great success in this area because we have been blessed by starting out with quality people who are highly motivated and enthusiastic. We then offer them vigorous, intensive, continuous training designed to help make them become the best teachers, the best martial artists, and the best human beings they can be.”

ALL TKD staff knows the importance of the student/instructor relationship. It has to be one of trust, loyalty, and respect so that the students may get the most of their training. It is crucial that instructors understand how to develop students’ full potential as they progress. We believe great martial art instructors care about each and every student.

Give us a call now at 719-260-4700 to talk to an instructor about your training needs.

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